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How Old Are We?

Posted in Shad & Titi by Shaden and Titi on June 22, 2010

Me: Remember the day he passed by? coming and going? How did he look like?  What did you feel when you saw him like that?

Titi: Aimless lost and frustrated; signs of misery were obvious as neither his clothes nor his face showed that he’s bothered to take a look at himself in the mirror for all that matter; looking like a peddler that he was and walking as clueless as he did that day; meaning u should cut the crap and try to move on….


Titi: I have been for sometime trying to understand my own feelings and how I interact with the world while passing through an emotional labyrinth. I thought I was alone and I was totally convinced that no one shares the same feelings I had.

Characters, circumstances time and place…all could change but the essence of what may gather all those in the frame of passion and love is universal.

I had this tendency of wanting to discover the reflection of this on myself,  and try to fit anything that went wrong under the term “experience”. In that , I gather bits and pieces of these feelings or whatever remains and grab them in a form of a photograph.

Once a girl sat next to me and she had this look on her face, nothing seemed to be wrong with her but I knew this contemplative look she wore that doesn’t express neither anger nor happiness, but merely contemplative and led astray by memories. She goes calmer and calmer, and by each moment passing  she loses connection with reality…
Whatever one would assume of such a look would never pick up on the fast changing gestures and the swinging moods, and those are held captive by something which doesn’t seem to show itself. It could be a telepathy that we have with the lover; an ethereal power, or it may as well be as simple as a desperate search for someplace away from disappointment.

Me: why do you insist that we’re almost always escaping reality?

Titi: Because we are supposed to be committed to some earthly found rules…found and bound, added to the fact that once you know that person, your whole manner of capturing reality becomes different and as soon as that breaks we find ourselves alone, and our own reflection of  the world cracks.

Me: Love by definition is an un-known mixture of feelings; a rush that you get out of the most unexpected events, it’s not meant to be rational, it’s not meant to be earthy. it’s meant to only be humane.

There’s nothing wrong in being mad in love, as long as we know what and who are we mad about. to really know that you connect with someone, and he or she connects with you too. It’s OK to lose your connection to reality for a few moments. It’s what the doctor ordered for this age and time because sadly, the age of innocence is gone. And gone with it are roses and sweet loving eyes.

Titi: OK…

Me: Nowadays, we’re too self-loving to express an emotional state of mind and we call that being rational, or reserved.

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