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Good Boys & Good Girls

Posted in Shad & Titi by Shaden and Titi on June 21, 2010

Titi: أولئك الجميلون الذين يسكنون احلامنا النسائية ..الذين يأتون ليبقوا…ويطمئنوا ..ويمتعوا…ويذودوا..ليحموا ويحنوا ويسندوا…الذين ينسحبون ليعودوا..ولا يتركون خلفهم عند الغياب كوابيس ولا جراح ولا ضغينة ..فقط الحنين الهادر لحضورهم الآسر ، ووعداً غير معلن بعودتهم لإغرائنا كما المرة الأولى

They don’t want to be that kind of guys, because it wont be good.

Shaden: What kind of girls are we?

Titi: We are the sweet kind of girls who wear our love on our sleeves. We are the ones who blame ourselves for mistakes that we didn’t make
and lament over illusions of a world of drama and romance that for once we thought will save us from our own miserable thinking and reality.

Titi: in brief, i7na habayel

Shaden: We’re good girls,we’re not habayel, and that’s even worse because it’s not easy being a good girl. And it’s not fun enough for anyone and we’re sort of boring, maybe even a party pooper for others. ba3dain if we’re pissed, we could be a real pain in the ass!

Here’s a song that comes to mind:

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