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So I am wondering like Shad does…

What is the problem with guys in this country? Seriously.

You enter any coffee shop in Amman and it’s always the same new-old story.  A group of girls all smoking argeeleh and all are silent.

“It’s just that he is weird, sometimes if I called him up he is really nice and kind  and in some other times he just doesn’t seem to like talking to me at all” a girl goes.

In those groups there always have to be the smart know it all girl “m3almeh” who seems to know all about guys and their “Fasem”

She would take the argeeleh pipe from her mouth and goes “Mafsoom ya shi5a seebik meeno” she puts the pipe back in her mouth, smoke some more and then continues ” mafaseem kolhom,  alla y2ta3hom, ma kolhom zay ba3ad”

But then the girl feels sad and kind of abandoned because no other girl seem to sympathize with her, and for some reason her story with the guy she is hooked up with, doesn’t resemble any other story in world, but then again you ask and the answer is “it’s complicated”

A girl keeps looking in this big world for answers and she never seem to be rather satisfied even with all the resources she has got books, internet, Movies, songs and try and hang on to some stupid signs, and for the sake of what… understanding the cranky mood of some idiot.

I always had this belief that people sharing problems can always get them to gather as they say ” el masayeb bitjami3″ I wasn’t thinking about my own problem until the day I met Shad, as insane as it may sound we were rather entertained by how much our own reflections about our emotions were so similar that we decided to share such reflections with you dear lads.

Because no matter how weird, painful, stupid and ugly any phase in any relation may be, some would say that if a guy wanted a girl he would go after her regardless. but sometimes it isn’t like that, it would take the girl more than that, life is much more complicated than to fit in a phrase ” if he likes her he will invade the world for her” the case some may actually want to speak up how they feel, despite being insignificant but we do believe that relations cant be as easy sometimes and sharing insights with someone who understand would lead to some comfort and would rather help you decide.

With the Ask Titi and Shaden, we will be posting captions of our daily conversation, for what may think may capture one of those randoms that you may find a difficulty in expressing or telling someone about what they think may sound like “Drama”.

Hope you will enjoy reading our posts, and wish you a better luck in your relationships.

Shad & Titi


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